The Associated Press reports that Minneapolis-based Medica has decided to offer insurance plans statwide again next year through the state's ACA Marketplace.  It also announced plans to expand its product offerings and network options in the state.

Medica, the sole insurer in the state this year, will be joined by Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa, which announced back in February that it will offer ACA-compliant products on the public exchange in 2019 "assuring there aren't any significant changes to the Affordable Care Act."  Wellmark, along with national insurer Aetna, pulled out of the market for the 2018 year, citing growing costs and tens of millions of dollars in losses over three years. 

Wellmark also plans to partner with the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation to sell new "health benefit" plans, which will not have to comply with the ACA under a new law signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds earlier this year.  In April, Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill predicted that up to 30,000 Iowans could sign up for the policies, although the Des Moines Register reports that they might not be offered to people with pre-existing conditions, and will not qualify for federal subsidies.