Individual Services

Individual Services

Benefit Products for the Individual Consumer

At Benefit Solutions, Inc. we have built our reputation on providing value-added products and services. While many of our services can be offered by others, the competition cannot match the expertise and dedication of our staff. Providing full-service, affordable health, dental and vision insurance to individuals in Iowa and beyond remains a priority for Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Individual Health Plans

Benefit Solutions, Inc. offers individual medical plans both off and on the Iowa Marketplace (Exchange). We can offer individuals a wide range of deductibles and benefit levels from the top carriers in Iowa including Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa, Coventry/Aetna, and Medica.

These individual medical plans may be ideal for individuals who are not eligible for a group plan such as part-time or seasonal employees, independent contractors, or individuals on COBRA or Iowa Continuation coverages. We also offer short term major medical plans available from UnitedHealthcare and National Health Insurance Company for new employees in their new-hire waiting period, and during other temporary coverage gaps.

We also offer individual dental, vision and accident insurance plans!

Individual Health Plans

To learn more about our individual dental, vision and accident insurance plans, or your options for an individual medical insurance plan, contact one of our benefit consultants today.

Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Plans

MedicareBlue Supplement coverage from Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Iowa is designed to fill coverage gaps of Medicare Parts A and B. Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Iowa offers four standardized Medicare Supplement Plans.

MedicareBlue Plans A, D, F, High Deductible F, G, and N. MedicareBlue offers individuals immediate coverage, no pre-existing condition waiting periods, no claims filing and nationwide acceptance.

Medicare Advantage Plans are a type of Medicare plan offered by a private company contracted with Medicare to provide Part A and B benefits. These plans have copays for services and usually offer prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D Plans are prescription drug plans that provide coverage for prescription drugs for individuals on original Medicare. Medicare and Medicare Supplements do not offer prescription drug coverage. With Part D plans, you pay a monthly premium and a share of the cost of your prescription drugs.

"Benefit solutions helped me get what I needed and then some. Thanks guys!"

-Steve Stevens